The American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration is now accepting nominations for membership. Applications are due by June 27, 2018.
The application form is to be completed by Academy members who are nominating qualified individuals whom they wish to be considered for membership into the Academy. Only candidates with outstanding credentials in the leisure profession who meet the criteria listed below will be considered for membership.
Information submitted must be typed (not handwritten). Use additional sheets if necessary. The maximum number of pages for the application and two support letters is 10. Nomination forms must be complete. Letters of recommendation need to be concise and organized. Nominator's recommendation must be included.
Applications must follow the format laid out in the official application form from the Academy Membership Committee.
Two support letters from Academy members must be included with each application. Additional support letters will not be considered. Support letters must be specific in explaining what the applicant will offer the Academy. Only Academy members may submit applications and support letters. The nominator's letter is not considered one of the two additional letters.
Academy members may nominate no more than two (2) individuals for membership in any one year.
Please Note: The nominee must provide a written statement (in the nomination form) addressing the question: "Why are you seeking Academy Membership, and how will you contribute to the profession as an Academy member?" Encourage your nominee to research the Academy’s goals on our website and to be specific. Nominee must meet these minimum requirements for membership (see page 2): 
a. Served in a high-level position for no less than 15 years and holds a BS or BA. As a general rule, a high-level position may be a general manager, director, executive director, deputy director, superintendent and/or administrator who has significant experience and oversight in a majority of the following areas: parks, recreation, personnel, training, budgeting, planning, capital improvements and marketing.
b. Be recognized as a leader in the park and recreation field either as a practitioner or educator; the nominee has demonstrated a record of participating in local, state, regional and national professional organizations; and the nominee has contributed through writing and public speaking appearances. (See Minimum Requirements below.)
Members of the Membership Committee and Academy Board of Directors may not nominate an individual or send a support letter.
The original application with accompanying paperwork must be submitted to the AAPRA Office electronically at info@aapra.org by June 27, 2018. Please retain a copy for your records. If not possible to send electronically, original application and paperwork must be received in the AAPRA Office no later than June 27, 2018. Mail Application & Support Letters to: PO Box 802, Huntley, IL 60142
For further information:
Lewis Ledford, Membership Committee Chair
(919) 218-9222 or lewis@naspd.org