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2020 Committee /Task Force Chairs & Member Appointments - View Here

2020 Committee/Task Force  - roster of chairs and board liaisons

The Academy's standing committees are below 

Banquet Committee
This group will plan the annual banquet during the NRPA Congress. This event, which receives financial support from Landscape Structures, Inc., serves as the venue for presenting Hall of Fame Inductees and Pugsley Award winners. 
Best Paper Award Committee
The Academy presents a Best Paper Award each year, either for a doctoral dissertation in even years or a best master's thesis/undergraduate paper in odd years.
Bylaws Committee
This committee responds to board requests for proposed additions or amendments to the bylaws.
Gold Medal Committee 
The National Gold Medal Awards program is owned by the Academy, managed in cooperation with the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) and sponsored by Musco Lighting. Gold Medals honor communities that demonstrate excellence in long-range planning, resource management, volunteerism, environmental stewardship, program development, professional development and agency recognition. The program honors public park and recreation agencies, state parks (every other year), and military installations. This committee provides oversight to the program and recommends to the Academy Board ways in which the program can be improved. The Gold Medal Awards are presented at the NRPA Annual Congress opening general session.
Legends in Parks & Recreation Committee
This committee works with the Legends Program, sponsored by Landscape Structures, Inc. The program consists of taped interviews of distinguished administrators and educators who have made outstanding contributions to the field. In 2014, based on survey results, the program was revamped by reducing the length of future taped interviews and focusing on the career highlights and more specifically, what the Legends were most known for during their storied careers, possibly supplemented with written reports. The program continues to evolve with the goal of making the it more relevant in today’s market.
Membership Committee (established by Bylaws) 
This is the committee that reviews membership applications and makes recommendations of selection to the Board. The committee consists of, in addition to the president, six appointed members, each having been a member of the Academy for not less than three years. Members can serve for one three-year term. 
Mentoring Committee 
This committee provides guidelines for effective mentoring and acts to connect Academy members with professionals in the field.  
Nominating Committee (established by Bylaws) 
This committee determines the slate for the next year’s officer and director election. It is chaired by the immediate past president and includes five members, with the majority having been past presidents. One of the five members will be the president elect.
Pugsley Awards Committee (established by Bylaws) 
This committee oversees the Pugsley Award program, which is sponsored by The Davey Tree Expert Company and the National Parks Foundation. It is composed of five voting members, all of whom must have received a Pugsley Medal, and at least three must be members of the Academy. Terms are three years, and a member may serve not more than three consecutive complete terms. In conference with the committee chair, the president may appoint up to two additional Pugsley recipients as honorary nonvoting members, who serve in an advisory capacity. Honorary members may, but need not be, Academy Members.
Urban Directors Committee
This committee reviews qualified candidates from park and recreation entities serving populations of 500,000 or more and makes recommendations of selection to the Board.
Young Professional Externship Committee 
This committee selects four young professionals for externships during the NRPA Congress. Two of the positions, the Ernest T. Atwell Externships, are intended for diversity candidates. This committee also plans a reception to be held during the NRPA Conference for all current and past externs and Academy members.
Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) Appointees (In partnership with NRPA)
Six member appointees represent the Academy on the CAPRA Commission. The terms are three years, and members may not serve more than two consecutive, three-year terms.
Hall of Fame Committee (In partnership with NRPA)
The Robert W. Crawford Recreation & Park Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made outstanding and lasting contributions to the advancement of recreation and parks. It is a memorial to those leaders who have enriched our philosophy and enhanced our environment. This committee selects those to be inducted, which takes place during the NRPA Conference at the Academy’s Annual Banquet. The Hall of Fame is housed at NRPA Headquarters. The Academy appoints four representatives to this joint committee; terms are five years. Inductees into the Hall of Fame must be deceased for at least five years.