Professional Services

The fellows in the Academy are some of the most experienced leaders in the park and recreation profession. The Academy recognized an opportunity to share this expertise in a dynamic way to assist those managing park resources and with the education process about such resources to resolve issues critical to producing the high-quality services and experiences we all seek.

Through a comprehensive survey of its fellows, the Academy has identified the willingness of individuals to serve and their areas of expertise for such services. This experience can be shared through the evaluation, research, and identification of strategies for action or through direct interaction with other professionals and to new and old constituencies through speeches, lectures, and discussion, etc.

Consultation Services

Consultation services are normally offered free of charge (excluding expenses) to provide public institutions and organizations with guidance to help enhance the quality of park and recreation services around the country.

This service offers the experience of members of the Academy who represent some of the best minds in the field in an effort to provide evaluation and oversight of plans, programs, services, organizational structure, administration, and so forth. The result will be usable recommendations for constructive action and clear strategies to achieve goals. Each organization’s request for assistance will be matched with Academy fellows who have experience in the specific area of concern.

Upon reaching agreement with Academy fellow(s) regarding the provision of services, Academy experts will work with your organization to address its issues and a formal written report will outline specific recommendations for action.

Expertise is available in these areas:

  • Administration
  • Academics or Historical
  • Board Relations
  • Communications
  • Community Relations
  • Computers
  • Facilities - General
  • Facilities - Indoor
  • Facilities - Outdoor
  • Finance
  • Legal/Legislative
  • Marketing
  • Organization
  • Park & Natural Resources
  • Personnel Planning
  • Programming
  • Programming Areas
  • Programming for Target Audiences
  • Additional Areas