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Call for Pugsley Nominations

Call for Pugsley Nominations

The most prestigious award in parks and recreation, The Honorable Cornelius Amory Pugsley Award, given each year at the Academy’s banquet, is now ready for consideration of nominations. Please take the time to thoughtfully consider 2014 Pugsley Medal nominations, pursuant to the announcement below. Please take time now to identify outstanding individuals you know for nomination. Thanks. Fran P. Mainella, 2014 Pugsley Committee Chair

Pugsley Medal Criteria

Pugsley Medal recipients are likely to make contributions at multiple levels of government (local, state/regional, national). Contributions at each level are considered equally meritorious, but selections for the annual awards will make an effort to recognize contributions whose emphasis is at different levels.

  1. The nominee must be living at the time of nomination and be a U.S. citizen.
  2. The nominee will have preserved, facilitated, enhanced and/or created park and/or conservation lands which have significantly enriched the lives of people and/or made significant contributions to maintaining biodiversity.
  3. The nominee may have developed or refined techniques or programs which advanced the cause of parks and/or conservation.
  4. The nominee's record reflects advocacy, originality, courageous decisions and dedication to the public good.
  5. The award recognizes output achievements/accomplishments, not longevity and/or input effort. The award recognizes a career-long record of accomplishments/achievements. During the career, there may be a particularly outstanding accomplishment, but the award is not given for a "one-time” achievement.
  6. Many nominees will have been leaders in professional organizations, but the award is not given for service in such organizations.

Submission Procedure

Send your nomination to Pugsley Committee Chair Fran P Mainella at Fmainel@clemson.edu by April 25th. The nomination should reflect a detailed biographical profile of the nominee describing his/her contributions. The nomination letter (with nominee's resumé) and no more than two supporting letters should be sent to the Pugsley Committee Chair. Documentation of a nominee's contributions must be sufficiently thorough to corroborate claims of accomplishments and character.

Fran Mainella
12694 Buttonbush Place
Bonita Springs, FL 34135