Impact. Growth. Relevance. These are words we all like to hear. With these words, however, often comes a price. The price usually involves resources: people, money, partners and time.     

     The Academy has experienced growth of its programs and impact for the past several years. We now offer four externships, two of which are the Ernest T. Atwell Diversity Externships. The externship travel reimbursements, for young professionals under the age of 35, have increased from $750 to $1000 each. This helps the young professional attend the NRPA Annual Conference and develop strong relationships with Academy members.     

     The Academy’s Mentoring Program has grown substantially with both the number of mentees and the number of Academy members (47!) wishing to serve as mentors. We host a reception for our externs at the NRPA Conference, which is an excellent opportunity to meet prior to the conference. The Best Paper is presented each year and it alternates between recognizing a Best Student Paper or Best Dissertation. This program supports the Academy’s goals of professional development and recognition of achievement.     

     Finally, in 2016 the Academy co-sponsored a breakfast at the National Symposium for Parks & Recreation and Public Health. A summary of the brainstorming session is available here (first shared in the Academy’s December 2015 newsletter).    

     The Academy’s largest revenue stream is dues. We do have sponsors (gratefully so), and their financial support does provide the funds to offer those programs. The last dues increase was in 2015, and at that same time, the Academy Board of Directors acknowledged it was appropriate to review the dues every few years in light of program expansion and higher costs. With this growth in programs and impact, the Academy Board recently approved a dues increase effective in 2017 for Active Fellow members from $175 to $200 and from $60 to $70 for Emeritus Fellow members.    

     Should members have any questions about the dues increase, they are encouraged to contact Executive Director Jane H. Adams at (916) 715-5733 or